The Western Development Commission
WDC Micro-Loan Fund
The Micro-Loan Fund will operate on a competitive ‘Call for Applications’ basis. Calls to the Micro-Loan Fund will be quarterly. Applications will be accepted from the first working day until the last working day of each quarter, i.e. the last working day of March, June, September and December. Applications are now being accepted for Quarter 3, 2014.
Regional Development
The WDC is central to the implementation of innovative and strategic regional development initiatives in the West. We work with local, regional and national bodies to optimise economic and social development in our region.
Policy division
As a publicly funded body, one of the WDC's key roles is to make sure that public investment in the development of the Western Region is effective and that it brings both a regional and a national dividend.
About WDC
A confident and ambitious Western Region where excellence, innovation and creativity are rewarded, and the rich quality of life, clean environment and unique heritage are valued and safeguarded.
WDC Investment Fund
The WDC Investment Fund (WDIF) plays a unique role in funding businesses, community initiatives and 'flagship' projects in the Western Region. It invests directly in sustainable projects, many of which may be experiencing a funding gap.


WDC-AIRO Mapping Tool
The WDC-AIRO Mapping Tool allows you to create maps of population, employment, transport and other Census data for the seven county Western Region.

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