Since its launch in 2004 by the WDC, has become the information source for anyone interested in moving to the West. When asked, 41% of people under 35 around the eastern seaboard say they would like to move to the Western Region. is an innovative, user friendly web initiative that forms part of the WDC’s strategic aim to promote the benefits of living, working and doing business in the Western Region. It brings together various stakeholders and interests to present a positive, informative resource for the West of Ireland at home and abroad.

The website works as a central resource for living, working and doing business in the West. Each of the seven Western counties has a dedicated page on the site with access to online resources for the county and some of the larger towns in the region. These resources allow users to thoroughly research all aspects of their move and chosen location in advance.

Traffic to the website has grown year on year – almost 150,000 people visited the site in 2008 (a 15% increase on 2007).

West Living & West Enterprise

Divided into two main categories (West Living and West Enterprise), the site provides links and information about a host of relevant topics – from childcare to housing, business supports to skills base. Online search facilities for Jobs and Property allow users to search for these key elements within the seven county areas, with listings provided by industry sources and a special filter applied to ensure relevance to the Western Region.

Skills Register

The Skills Register collects detailed information on the skills, education and qualifications of those interested in moving West. It enables the WDC to build and maintain a profile of the labour force available to new and relocating enterprises. Over 4,000 people have completed the detailed Skills Register form since 2006.

Regional Company Directory

The Regional Company Directory is an invaluable resource for job seekers, new businesses and agencies. Listing more than 11,000 companies in the region, the directory allows users to search by sector, location or keyword.

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