Community Movement for Job Creation Summit

CCJ (Communities Creating Jobs) seminar to take place in Claremorris on 20th November

Creating sustainable local employment and fostering economic development through community engagement are themes at the centre of an upcoming seminar taking place in Claremorris on the 20th November.  The “Communities Creating Jobs” (CCJ) initiative, which operates as a voluntary organisation, envisages creating 20,000 new jobs nationally by 2020.  This will be done through a coordinated collaborative approach with communities, State agencies, private and diaspora sectors.

“The WDC are happy to facilitate efforts to ensure that the potential and opportunity evident within our communities is realised” said the WDC Chairman Paddy McGuinness,   “We particularly welcome the GAA’s efforts to assist in this event”.

CCJ operates on a 32-county basis as a voluntary community enterprise network with an international arm committed to sharing ideas, solutions, experiences and tools – the ultimate objective being job creation and resultant economic development of local areas.  As recent economic turbulence has severely affected rural areas, causing retail closure, job losses and other economic impacts – CCJ seeks to empower communities to generate new job opportunities and remain focused on all that is possible through collaboration.

The upcoming seminar will act as a summit for all interested parties to hear more about the CCJ as well as engaging with its team.  It is hosted by the Western Development Commission and supported by the GAA, and will address issues such as: economic development opportunities within the WDC region, how the CCJ can facilitate job creation and the GAA’s commitment to addressing rural decline.

Speaking about the summit, Acting CEO and Head of Regional Development at the WDC, Ian Brannigan commented, “the CCJ seminar will act as a very opportune platform to identify, discuss and progress tangible ways to generate real jobs through a collective, community-based approach.  At the WDC, we’re committed to continually identifying new routes to foster economic development, so the work of the CCJ is of great interest to us and we’re delighted to support in any way we can”.

The upcoming CCJ seminar will take place at the Connaught GAA Centre, Bekan, Claremorris on Thursday 20th November from 7.30-9.30 p.m. and will feature contributions from the CCJ, WDC and GAA.  To register your interest in attending visit or contact .

Contact Details:
Ian Brannigan; Head of Regional Development and CEO(a) WDC:

Mary Keaveney; WDC: – 094 9861441