Draft NPF and Rethinking Irish Economic Development

For all of us interested in the future of Ireland and its economic and social development, the preparation of the National Planning Framework is an important exercise.  The Final draft will be prepared in the next few months following a period of consultation on the Draft NPF.

The closing date for submissions on the Draft NPF has now been extended until 12 Noon on Friday 10th November 2017. See the Share Your Views page for details on how to make your submission.

There is a short window for further input and consultation.  A policy forum in UCC this Friday 3rd November, entitled Re-thinking Irish Economic Development, will provide a useful forum in which to identify improvements on the current Draft NPF. How do we prepare for an increasing population in a balanced and coherent way and move away from the ‘business as usual’ approach to economic development, all aspirations contained in the current Draft NPF.

The presenters are leading Irish-based researchers in the area of Irish economic development. The forum is targeted at policymakers working on Irish economic development at the national, regional and local levels and/or on Ireland’s indigenous and foreign-owned sectors. The focus is on bridging the gap between internationally recognized evidence-based research and policy-making aimed at building a sustainable future for Ireland.

Please visit the UCC Policy forum page for more information.