Making Access to Renewable Wood Energy a Reality for Homes and Businesses in the Western Region



Earlier today, as part of the Western Development Commission (WDC) RASLRES Wood Energy Workshop in Tuam, with partners Teagasc and the County Clare Wood Energy Project launched their Wood Energy Guide “Using local timber to heat your home”. This brochure is an ‘all you need to know guide’ for end users in considering locally produced timber as a renewable energy resource for their homes and businesses. It provides practical information for home owners and small scale businesses on;

  •  boiler types and sourcing suitable appliances
  •  types of fuel available and
  •  practical tips for wood storage

It includes checklists for buying firewood and appliances intended for use when making investment decisions for small scale installations.

The brochure is the result of a continuing partnership between RASLRES, Teagasc and the County Clare Wood Energy Project in their continued development of renewable wood energy in the western region.

Over 80 people attended today’s RASLRES workshop, from public sector heat users, installation companies and fuel suppliers to local development players, showing the developing demand for renewable wood energy in the west. The workshop created active engagement on how local action can drive the growth of wood energy supply chains in the region.

The workshop brought together experts in the wood energy field to provide information and learning to those who have an interest in being part of the wood energy community. It highlighted the lessons learned from the RASLRES project and the experiences of Teagasc, Department of Education and Donegal County Council in their development of wood energy solutions.

Speaking earlier today at the event Mary Hoade WDC board member stated, “We are delighted with the interest shown from across the region in today’s event and welcome the participation and involvement of local authorities, national agencies and those at local level who are interested in developing renewable energy solutions”.

Bernadette Phelan, Development Executive at the WDC commented, “Engagement from the sector in today’s event and through the case studies highlighted during the workshop, enables the industry to understand the issues and challenges which have the potential to impact sectoral growth”.

“The outputs from today’s event present an opportunity for the WDC to further develop meaningful supports, through the RASLRES project, to respond effectively to market need and continue growth in the sector for the Western Region. This helps us achieve the RALRES aim of doubling the wood heat energy sector. We look forward to working closely with our industry partners to further our success to date in building sustainable models for renewable energy”. Ms Phelan concluded.


Contact Bernadette Phelan at 086 8340279 or by email at


RASLRES is a European bio-energy project led by the Western Development Commission. RASLRES goes to the heart of the local community by using local resources and local people to provide a complete solution for renewable energy in turn providing jobs and opportunities for our communities. This ground-breaking initiative has already delivered 7 pilot projects in the west from Donegal to Clare which provide the starting point for development of a sustainable wood energy supply chain delivered within the local region.

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