New WDC Insights publications: County Labour Markets

The Western Development Commission (WDC) has just published eight new WDC Insights publications.  Each examines the labour market of a Western Region county, with Galway City and County examined separately, based on data from Census 2016.

Each of the WDC Insights outlines the Principal Economic Status of the county’s adult population, compared with the State average, as well as the sectors where the county’s residents work and how this has changed since 2011.

Selected findings include:

  • Clare: Industry accounts for 15.5% of total employment among Clare’s residents compared with the state average of 11.4%.
  • Donegal: Employment in Accommodation & Food Service grew by almost 20% since 2011, compared with 13% growth nationally. The county has the third highest share working in the sector nationally.
  • Galway City: Information & Communications employs 6.1% of the city’s residents compared with a 4.5% national average. The sector grew 36% in the city between 2011 and 2016.
  • Galway County: 16.3% of Galway County’s residents work in Industry, the fourth highest share in the State. Employment growth in the sector since 2011 in Galway County (21%) was double the national average.
  • Leitrim: Health & Social Work is the largest employment sector in county Leitrim with 13.5% working the sector, greater than the 11.1% national average.
  • Mayo: Industry and Health & Social Work are both significantly more important employers in county Mayo than nationally and were the county’s two strongest growth sectors since 2011, up 14% and 16% respectively.
  • Roscommon: Health & Social Work experienced the strongest employment growth in Roscommon between 2011 and 2016 increasing by almost a quarter (24.4%).
  • Sligo: Sligo has the highest share of employment in the Health & Social Work sector in Ireland with 15.5% of Sligo residents working in the sector.

Examining the needs and issues of the Western Region through in-depth analysis is a key part of the work of the WDC.  This analysis of the labour market of each individual county should be useful for local authorities, community groups and businesses in each county in planning for the future. It is important that we more fully understand why some of the sectoral changes in employment are taking place in the western counties, and the impact that these are having.

All eight WDC Insights can be downloaded here