Paradise Possible chooses Western Ireland as its newest paradise

Paradise Possible, the territory-marketing initiative credited with having brought to the world’s attention the Le Marche region, Central Italy, has announced its new “paradise”: ……..Western Ireland.

“Our mission is to find the corners of the world that may have escaped widespread attention but offer outstanding quality of life, affordable cost of living and opportunities for sustainable growth. These are the places that travellers, those looking for a new home, and those interested in investment opportunities will want to put on their radar”, says Giuliano Gnagnatti, co-founder of Paradise Possible and CEO of Liberation Ventures Limited its publishing company. “So we make them known to a worldwide public of travelers, consumers and investors whilst, at the same time, providing through our website a gateway to the best each region can offer.”

Having focused since 1998 on Le Marche, the company is now embarking upon a long term expansion plan to take the Paradise Possible brand into new, undiscovered territories.

The company sees Western Ireland as a land of opportunities for the future, one example being in renewable energy. “With renewable energy technology, Western Ireland can become a new frontier for Europe and the world”, continues Gnagnatti. “An open and hospitable culture, that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and growth of new talents, will attract talent and resources from around the world, reversing Western Ireland’s history of migration. The future is no longer across the ocean, but right here on the far west of Europe.”

Gillian Buckley of the WDC adds: “The Western Region is an excellent fit with the other international destinations promoted by Paradise Possible including Le Marche in Italy.”

The project will commence as a pilot project in County Mayo which will see the county promoted on the Paradise Possible website

in 2011. Phase two will then see the project being rolled out to the other six counties of the Western Region, namely, Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Galway and Clare over the next year or so.

Peter Hynes, Mayo County Manager said: “Mayo has an un-paralleled heritage and a tradition of habitation going back over 5,000 years. Allied to this heritage is a very strong vibrant community spirit. The county has developed significantly in recent years so that it is now in a unique position in Western Europe to join the new Area Marketing and Development initiative known as Paradise Possible.

We are delighted that Mayo will be the pilot site for the expansion of the Paradise Possible concept outside of Italy, its country of origin. It is arguable that no other part of Western Europe combines the potential for the development of sustainable renewable energy projects, which will benefit the environment and economy locally and nationally, with the development of a tourism haven.

Working in collaboration with the promoters of Paradise Possible and our local communities, we look forward to constructing a Mayo which has significant opportunities for the future. We will continue to encourage investment in infrastructure and innovation, particularly in tourism and renewable energy, and Paradise Possible offers a significant additional branding opportunity to this County and Region. We look forward to its successful deployment in Mayo and expansion through the Western Region in the years ahead”.

Giuliano Gnagnatti of Paradise Possible said: “Western Ireland is a magical location at the most westerly point of Europe. “In seeking out the newest Paradise Possible, we conducted an extensive search and this region matches all our criteria. If you explore it, you witness that it offers that perfect harmony between nature, culture and society that is at the core of true quality of life.”


For further information please contact:
Anna Connor, Mayo County Council, 087 258 9546
Giuliano Gnagnatti, Paradise Possible : +44-7764-475331
Paul Keyes, Western Development Commission, 09498-61441

Notes to editors on Mayo County Council

Mayo County Council’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people living in Mayo and enhance the attractiveness of the County as a place to live in, work, enjoy and invest. While the people resident in the County are the Council’s primary responsibility the Council is also concerned with the well being and development of Mayo communities globally.

County Mayo is served by thirty one County Councillors elected from six electoral areas within the county. These Councillors oversee the Mayo County government which carries out the policies of both the state and local governments.

With headquarters based in Castlebar, the County Council services the entire county through a series of Area Offices located in nine towns across the county.

The County Council is responsible for the provision of a range of services, these services include, Environmental Protection, Water Supply & Sewerage, Housing, Development Incentives & Control, Road Transportation & Safety, Agricultural Education Health and Welfare, Recreation and Amenity and Miscellaneous Services

Notes to editors on Paradise Possible

Founded in 1997, Paradise Possible is a territory marketing initiative and an online publication of Liberation Ventures Ltd. Its mission is to promote undiscovered regions around the world, offering outstanding quality of life, affordable cost of living and sustainable growth opportunities, as destinations for travelling or relocating and as sources of quality products.

Its website ( ) offers a territory information database and multiple customer-driven applications, namely Travel & Tourism, Accommodation, Property, Food & Wine. Through a single access point visitors can access the best the region can offer, create itineraries based on each individual’s passions, book their holiday, find their dream home to buy and the experts to make it all happen and shop for local products.

The first Paradise Possible premiered in 1998 with Le Marche, Italy. A little-known region until late 90’s, Le Marche is today one of the most popular destinations in Italy for the discerning tourist and homebuyer, and – according to a recent international survey – the second most desirable region after Tuscany. Visible results over the last ten years have also been a shift of tourist flows from traditional seaside resorts to the countryside and the mountains and from North to South; a tendency to short breaks throughout the year; and the extensive restoration of derelict country estates across the region.

The company is now embarking upon a long term expansion plan to take the Paradise Possible brand into new, undiscovered territories. New regions around the world will be added alongside Le Marche and carry the Paradise Possible brand as a “territory brand”. In parallel, local Paradise Possible teams will be created in each region to harness local knowledge and expertise, stimulate entrepreneurship and maximize the level of service to visitors and prospective investors.

Western Ireland has now been chosen as the first “new paradise”, with County Mayo being the first county to pilot the new Paradise Possible strategy.