The WDC Policy Analysis team works to highlight the benefits of balanced regional development, to both the Western Region’s and Ireland’s advantage.

Regions are the drivers of modern economic systems and all regions have the potential to thrive and to contribute to the national economy. However, because success breeds success some regions do this more effectively than others. Less advantaged regions will benefit if policy is focused on ensuring that they too can reach their potential. During difficult economic times, regional policy may not be prioritised, but it is a waste of talent and opportunity not to realise all regions’ potential.

The WDC Policy Analysis team makes the case for a coherent approach to policy for regions. Regional policy should harness the assets of all regions (rural and urban), and all sectors of the economy and society, to enable regions to be the drivers of their own development and at the same time strengthen the national economy.

Regional development cannot be viewed as an isolated issue; rather it depends on the interaction of physical capital, human capital, the business environment and related policies. As the determining factors of regional performance are mutually reinforcing, a cross-sectoral approach to policy formulation and delivery is essential.

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