The WDC Policy Analysis team makes the case for quality energy infrastructure which is essential for economic growth and development in the Western Region.

Developing energy infrastructure will also allow for further development of renewable energy enterprises which can make the most of the region’s natural assets. The WDC analyses infrastructural, policy and regulatory issues as they affect energy infrastructure issues important to the region.


In recent years the natural gas network has expanded significantly throughout Ireland but the North West remains without access to natural gas infrastructure. The WDC believes that natural gas infrastructure would contribute to the development of the region and has a role to play in the support of renewable generation.

Natural gas is a competitive fuel with lower CO2 emissions than other fossil fuels. Access to natural gas would reduce energy costs for businesses and domestic users.


A high-quality, reliable electricity infrastructure is essential for enterprises operating in the Western Region, and for attracting new business to the region. Better electricity infrastructure will also facilitate the development of renewable energy businesses. The WDC therefore continues to highlight electricity infrastructural and regulatory issues as they affect the Western Region.

Renewable energy

The Western Region has significant natural resources and the WDC is working to ensure that these can be used sustainably by renewable energy enterprises, providing jobs and bringing investment into the region, as well as providing competitive local energy sources and keeping energy spending within our region and our country.

The WDC work is particularly focused on bioenergy development and the use of renewable fuels for heating.

You can view the work the WDC has been doing on energy in our publications section here