Algae Health is an innovative start-up green biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary technology (patent pending) for the production of natural health and nutritional compounds from microalgae. Microalgae are one of the longest existing living organisms on earth and as such, are the source of many of nature’s nutritional and health compounds. This new industry sector is in its infancy but is growing rapidly as it is a natural, sustainable and green source for many nutritional and health compounds. Algae Health’s proprietary technology means it can produce these compounds on a very cost competitive basis. The company will initially focus on producing Beta-carotene and Astaxanthin from the microalgae, both of which are used extensively in the human health and nutrition markets. The company has successfully completed the R&D phase and proven its technology in a large scale pilot. Algae Health has recently secured scale-up funding supported by the WDC.