Embo Medical has developed the first one-shot peripheral vascular embolization device, the Caterpillar; a unique platform technology for use in the field of embolization; a minimally invasive procedure to deliberately and permanently stop blood flow in a blood vessel. The Embo platform technology provides a superior solution in shorter procedural times; resulting in safe, cost-effective embolization. Set up in 2012, the company found that current medical device technology to treat diseased, peripheral vascular vessels and organs was poor, and that clinicians were looking for a better device that was easier to use and had better outcomes. In response to this, the Promoters came together and set up EMBO. The WDC participated in the company’s seed round in 2014, co-investing with the AIB Seed Capital Fund as well as EI, IRRUS Angel Syndicate, HBAN & MedTech Syndicates and other private investors.

Visit: www.embomedical.com