Marvao Medical develops medical devices that reduce the risk of chronic catheter related bloodstream infections. This market category includes vascular access devices and catheter locking solutions, and is projected to be worth approximately $2 billion+ in the US and Europe by 2015. The company’s patented NexSite™system eliminates the exit site for central venous catheters by promoting the formation of a biological seal around the catheter. Based upon clinical data, Marvao Medical expects that NexSite™ will reduce catheter infections by 50% as compared to existing modalities. Marvao Medical’s NexSite™ Haemodialysis catheter targets the end-stage renal disease market and is expected to be approved for sale in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in early 2013. Marvao’s second platform technology which is under development is an emulsion of free fatty acid in membrane lipid microspheres which Marvao intends to deploy as a catheter locking solution to reduce in-catheter clotting and infection and as an intra/extra-luminal catheter coating.