SELC develops and manufactures both lighting controls and photocells used in external lighting, particularly street lighting. Based in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, the company currently employs 50 people. SELC’s electronic digital ballasts allow lights to be operated much more efficiently than those controlled by magnetic ballasts, the original analogue technology. This new technology also allows for the remote monitoring and dimming of lights, further reducing costs. SELC’s highly-regarded products have an excellent record for both quality and reliability, and cut emissions whilst also reducing costs with no requirement for subsidy. The payback period is between two and four years based on energy savings alone. Cities and councils around the world are moving away from using magnetic ballasts for their external lighting, and current legislation in both Europe and the US has rendered the use of old magnetic ballasts in new lighting systems practically impossible. SELC recently secured significant investment from the ESB Novus Modus fund which will assist the company in capitalising on this global opportunity.