Presentations from ‘a creative momentum project’ closing event

We’re coming to the end of ‘a creative momentum project’. After three years of working together to implement the project, it’s now time to finish up activities and look back on what we’ve achieved – as well as plan for the future!

We had originally planned an international closing conference in Ireland on 1 March, where project partners from Finland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, as well as Ireland, would share their experiences of the last three years. Unfortunately the weather beat us, and we had to cancel the conference because of ‘Storm Emma’ and a Red weather alert.

Undaunted, project administrator Silvia Guglielmini set about organising something a little different for the closing event. As the partners from Finland, Northern Ireland and Sweden were sadly not able to travel to Ireland again, it had to be a far more ‘West of Ireland’ affair. So on Thursday 12 April our lunchtime ‘closing event’ took place at Electric Galway (for anyone who’s ever been ‘out’ in Galway, it used to be CPs!!).

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