Quality of Life Luring Professionals West

96% of those who have relocated would recommend the move

The results of the fourth annual Collins McNicholas re-location survey released today (Tuesday 16th September) shows that 96% of professionals who recently relocated to the West, North West or Midlands regions would recommend such a move to others. Collins McNicholas is one of Ireland’s leading recruitment and HR consultancy companies with offices in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Sligo and Athlone.


  • Overall, 96% of respondents would recommend relocating to the regions.
  • 85% of people’s work-life balance improved since they relocated.
  • 86% of respondents now commute to and from work in less than 40 minutes.
  • 74% of respondents received an increase or similar remuneration package when they relocated.
  • 65% of respondents said lower property prices were a factor in their decision to relocate.
  • 84 % of respondents were educated to Degree level or higher.
  • 49% of professionals surveyed relocated from outside of Ireland.
  • A more relaxed atmosphere, safer environment and less traffic were the top three attractions expressed by people surveyed subsequent to relocating.
  • The four main concerns of respondents about relocating, before they moved, were employment opportunities (67%), salary expectations (55%), house prices (45%) and cost of living (42%).
  • Medical Devices (17%), Pharmaceutical (16%), Manufacturing (14%) and Engineering (13%) were the most popular sectors of employment for those who relocated.

The survey was completed by professionals from different sectors including pharmaceutical, medical devices, financial services and professional services and investigated the various factors that were considered before relocating to the regions including property prices, commuting times, salary and proximity to family and friends. Whilst 38% of respondents were attracted by lower cost of living and 34% by lower property prices a further 34% stated that they were attracted to the area because of its proximity to the coast and countryside as well as the number of outdoor activities and amenities available.

Other findings of the survey include:

  • Of the people surveyed 17% found jobs in the Medical Devices sector, 16% in Pharmaceutical, 14% in Manufacturing and 13% in Engineering.
  • ICT employed 10% of the people surveyed and 16% in Accountancy.
  • 85% of respondents stated that their work life balance had improved and more leisure time, friendlier people and an overall more relaxed atmosphere since relocating were also seen as attractions.
  • Less commuting times were considered a major pull factor in the decision to relocate and the vast majority of respondents commuted to work in less than 20 minutes since relocating.
  • 28% purchased property since relocating and 18% are considering it.

The recent influx of a talented workforce to the area has had a significant impact on the amount and quality of employment available in the area. Commenting on the findings of the survey, Mr Niall Murray, Regional Manager of Collins McNicholas Sligo said “The results of this survey clearly show that there is an ever growing interest amongst professionals in Ireland in relocating to the regions. The better quality of life and lower costs of living are major factors in an increasing number of people making the decision to move. Despite tougher economic times, there continues to be excellent employment opportunities available to people across the regions and we are eager to give a positive message to job seekers that many companies are continuing to hire people”.

Reinforcing the positive message was Gillian Buckley, CEO of the Western Development Commission that runs the LookWest.ie (www.lookwest.ie) campaign to attract people and enterprise to the region, “Our own research shows that there are a significant number of jobs available in the Western Region. In fact, at this year’s LookWest.ie Expo, to be held this Thursday (September 18th) in Dublin, we have more than 300 top quality jobs waiting to be filled, and that’s in spite of the current climate, as industries such as life sciences, engineering, financial services and IT continue to look for skilled, experienced staff.”

The survey, in its fourth year, looks at the motivations and experiences of a cross section of one hundred and fifty professionals who relocated to the West, North West and Midlands regions in 2008. The objective of the survey is to provide a unique insight into the motivations behind the increasing number of highly skilled professionals relocating to these regions. The survey was completed by professionals from various sectors including pharmaceutical, medical devices, financial services and professional services and investigated the various factors that were considered before relocating; including property prices, commuting times, salary and proximity to family and friends.


For further information please contact:

Shirley Kiernan, Marketing & PR Manager, Collins McNicholas, 087 4140163 Gillian Buckley, CEO, Western Development Commission, 087 2236982

Notes to Editors: About Collins McNicholas

Collins McNicholas was established in 1990 and with five offices nationwide is one of the few longstanding Recruitment and HR Services organisations in Ireland. The company is the first recruitment organisation in Ireland to achieve ‘Excellence through People’ certification in all of their offices.

Western Development Commission (WDC)

The WDC is a statutory body promoting economic and social development in counties Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Mayo, Galway and Clare.

The WDC’s 5 strategic aims are to:

  • Contribute to balanced regional development by ensuring that the Western Region maximises its full potential for economic and social development.
  • Promote the benefits of living, working and doing business in the Western Region.
  • Support the sustainable economic and social development of the rural economy.
  • Provide risk capital to SME’s and social enterprises.
  • Operate the WDC as a competent and effective organisation.

For further information visit www.wdc.ie