Business Investment Fund

The Business Investment Fund provides equity investment and loan finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We are interested in investing across a range of sectors but have a particular interest in supporting those from the following sectors:

  • CleanTech
  • Creative Industries
  • Food & Natural Resources
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Manufacturing and Internationally Traded Services
  • MedTech & Life Sciences
  • Tourism

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Equity investments

If you have a commercially sound business project that is in expansion, development or research stage, with good growth potential, a marketable product or service, a strong management team with a proven track record, and the ability to generate a return on capital invested, the SME Investment Fund may be for you.

Equity investments range from €100,000 to €1 million, with first-round investments typically being €200,000 to €300,000. In return, the WDC Investment Fund takes a minority shareholding. The return sought is appropriate to the level of risk taken.

All equity investments are made under the Market Economy Investor Principle. This means that any equity investment we make is on a ‘pari passu’ basis with private sector investors. These private sector investors set the terms and conditions of the deal, with the WDC receiving the same terms and conditions.

The WDC Investment Fund can invest with other public sector bodies but the total combined investment from the public sector must not exceed 50% of the total investment round.

Although the WDC Investment Fund does not get involved with the day-to-day running of the enterprises it invests in, it does have the right to appoint a non-executive director to the company. This can be an important benefit, offering valuable guidance in the commercialisation of the business.

Loan finance

If you have a business project that can demonstrate positive cashflow and an ability to repay a loan over an agreed term, then loan finance may be an option for your business.

Loan amounts ranging from €25,000 to €300,000 are considered and are repaid on an amortised basis, i.e. by monthly direct debit. Typically, loan terms range from three to ten years, although shorter and longer loan terms are considered in exceptional cases. We make all business loans at commercial interest rates, which is the prevailing EU Reference Rate for Ireland plus an approximate margin depending on the risk profile of the project. The risk profile is assessed by the WDC Investment Fund executive.

The WDC does not re-finance existing loans;  loans are for new activity.

Assessment criteria

If you apply to the Business Investment Fund for equity investment or loan finance your project will be assessed according to its commercial viability, growth potential and its ability to provide the WDC Investment Fund with the appropriate financial return for the investment risk taken.

We also look for a strong management team, with a proven track record of success, a product/service with IP, competitive advantage and high growth potential.

A key criterion for loans is the project’s repayment capacity.

WDC Loan Interest Rates

  • Business Loans – EU Reference rate for Ireland plus a margin appropriate to the risk assessed for the project

Current EU Reference rate for Ireland: -0.15%*

Interest rates are variable and are reviewed on an annual basis.

* It is WDC policy to use a base interest rate of zero, to which will be added the appropriate margin, when the EU reference rate for Ireland is negative.

Application procedure

If you wish to apply, then you should first of all assess your project against the criteria outlined above.

You will need to forward a completed and signed application form with an up-to-date business plan to:

WDC Investment Fund
Dillon House
Co. Roscommon
F45 WY26


Download our Application Form and Business Plan Guidelines here…

On receipt, your funding application will be assigned to one of our Investment Executives who will carry out all the due diligence work necessary on your application.

Recent Projects

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