Western Region companies with job vacancies invited to exhibit at LookWest.ie Expo

The Western Development Commission (WDC) is inviting companies based in the Western Region with current and future job vacancies to exhibit at its LookWest.ie Expo on Thursday 18th September in Dublin. The Expo will be attended by people who want to live, work and set up business in the seven counties of the Western Region.

Since the LookWest.ie campaign was launched in 2004, over 350,000 people have visited the website www.lookwest.ie to find out more about moving West. The website attracts an average of over 10,000 visits each month. There has seen a 25% increase in visits in 2008, with more than 78,000 people logging on so far this year and 18,907 site visits in June alone.

According to WDC Development Manager Ian Brannigan “Over 3,000 people have registered their skills on LookWest.ie, many of whom are highly educated with several years experience and skills in sectors including IT, finance, services, engineering and sales and marketing. The Expo is a great opportunity for employers in the region to meet face to face with people who want to live and work in the West and who are looking for job opportunities here, now or in the near future”

Mr. Brannigan continued “Our research shows that there are a significant number of jobs available in the Western Region. In spite of the current climate, many companies still have vacancies to fill and while it’s clear that some sectors are feeling the pinch, other industries such as life sciences, engineering, financial services and IT are looking for skilled, experienced staff. “.

“Many people who are interested in moving to the region are familiar with LookWest.ie and the Expo will be widely advertised and promoted. Our research carried out last year showed that 9% of people in the Greater Dublin Area have a high level of interest in living and working in the West. This represents potentially more than 170,000 people who are key targets for Western companies who are recruiting,” Mr Brannigan said.

The Expo will also cater for those keen to expand or establish their own business in the West, with key information about supports and opportunities for doing business in the Region.

Companies who are interested in presenting their jobs at the September Expo are invited to contact the WDC at 094 986 1441 or by email at lookwest@wdc.ie.


For further information please contact:

Ian Brannigan, Development Manager, Western Development Commission 086 604 8012.