Wood Energy – The Western Way for Renewable Fuel

Participants in the RASLRES pilot projects met this week with experts in the wood energy field to discuss the way forward for the west in developing local and regional solutions for wood energy from renewable resources.

This open industry workshop provided an opportunity to showcase the success to date of companies and individuals participating in the RASLRES pilot projects and to provide information and learning to those who have an interest in becoming part of the wood energy community, from fuel producers and processors to boiler installations and heat energy users.

The workshop covered topics including; forestry fuel resources in the western region, the potential of energy crops, the bioenergy GIS and wood energy procurement for the public sector and issues for heat users. In addition, it provided an opportunity to learn from the experience of the wood energy market in Northern Ireland through the international RASLRES team.

The workshop provided a forum for those interested in getting involved in the sector, through a series of facilitated discussions. These conversations enabled participants to benefit from the experience of the industry experts in relation to developing enterprise within the wood energy sector.

Speaking at the workshop Bernadette Phelan, Development Executive at the Western Development Commission (WDC) stated, “This workshop and the wider RASLRES project provides an opportunity for realistic and attainable enterprise development in the west by using local resources to provide local energy solutions”.

“We are delighted to have such a high level of interest in this event from across the region, together with the input from key stakeholders including the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. We look forward to continuing to provide supports to those joining the industry and those already working in the sector through the RASLRES project and the WDC,” Ms Phelan concluded.


For additional comment please contact Bernadette Phelan at (086) 8340279 or email bernadettephelan@wdc.ie